XenForo License Verification

XenForo License Verification 3.5.0

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  • Support @NixFifty's ticket add-on, by adding a XenForo license sidebar block when viewing a user's ticket for admins.
  • Fix XenForo Cloud support
    • Do not reject Cloud tokens
    • Support uniqueness & domain checks for cloud licenses
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  • Add support to describe if a license is related to XenForo Cloud.
    • Previous versions work if domain matching and unique license requirements are disabled, but do not record if a license is linked to a XenForo Cloud subscription.
  • For XenForo Cloud; Domain matching requirement and unique license requirement are disabled
    • Domain matching may return in the future depending on the XF's validation API.
  • Require php 7.2+
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.1.0+ (free)
  • Fix "Automatically reverify license" did not respect the unique token/domain options
  • Log errors on API failure
  • Add CLI command licence-xf:check to check a license (validation token+ domain)
  • Add CLI command licence-xf:user-check to check a user's licence
  • Vastly reduce batch size to avoid tripping rate-limiting
  • Preserve license details if the license is not valid
  • Remove legacy group-changes from XF1 version of this add-on, and for the old XF1 add-on "[XI] License Validation"
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  • Improve handling of errors from the API
    • Remove broken "rate limit action" option, this option didn't work.
    • When bulk checking users, include deliberate delay of 10 seconds per batch. If an API error occurs, then defers processing for 30 minutes.
  • Fix use of transactions wrapped a HTTP request (ie possible very slow query warning)
  • Avoid multiple API calls when applying license data
  • Remove a transaction around an external API call, and ensure license + user changes are applied transactionally
  • When viewing a user in the admincp, show if license can be transferred
This add-on has been migrated to a new maintainer. The same licensing will apply.
  • Update various URL's to point to new github repo & support site
  • Expose xenforo license details to admin search
  • Add change logging for XenForo license details
  • Switch to the new API URL
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fix possible bug relating to registration validation
  • Rework some code to make it easier to understand and less error prone
  • It was discovered that an option had no affect. This has been resolved.
  • Overhauled phrases
  • Added API support
Note: This version drops support for XF 2.0.x
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Fix incompatibility with XF 2.0.x...