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Unmaintained XenForo Alert Plus (For Thread and Post) 1.0.7

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Compatible with XenForo 1.4+
Support silent edit post. When checked silent edit no alerts being sent.
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Change log:
  • Add new option allow display old forum title on alert (Apply for move action)
  • Add new alert when edit post of users.
How to config option?
  • I've been added option into `User Alerts`


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Change log:
  • Add More Information When Moving Thread!
  • Performance send alerts to user


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Change log:
Fixed with overlay alerts. :)
NOTE: If you're using AddOn `Thread Action Alert` so must be uninstall that. Because for this update I have changed folder, ID of AddOn.
Change log:
  • Perfomance AddOn working
- Now Add-on support Post Action Alert.
- Fixing this bug:
- Add new option for each user. I don't wanna make too much alert :p
You can config via:

Please REVIEW if this Addon helpful for you ;) Its only take some seconds to do


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This is fixing some errors
Now It's working both of xenForo 1.1 and 1.2 ;)
Change log:
- Now I rename Addon to Thread Action Notice ;)
- Support more actions: stick, unstick, move, lock, unlock thread

NOTICE: Please review (Its only take some seconds to do) if It's helpful for you :p

This version only working as expect in xf 1.1+ Not compatible with 1.2
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