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XenFácil's Footer Pie 5

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FAQ: I don't know how to get this in English,
For english install, unzip into any folder and delete the addon-lms_FooterPie.xml file -It's also in the InstalarEspañol folder- into root of zip, and put there (zip root) the addon-lms_FooterPie-en_EN.xml file which it is inside EnglishInstall folder.

FAQ: I made english the default language but still the footer shows up in a different language (spanish)?
The footer texts are into spanish and you can change them by going to ACP => Appearance => Styles => Your Style => Style Properties: FooterPie de Xenfácil and changing the text of footer (look into attachment)

I'm running it from 1.0.0 version (go to and look into footer; I'm running at this momment 1.5.5a version)