[XenConcept] Quiz Manager

[XenConcept] Quiz Manager 2.1.3

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The plugin's promising concept was overshadowed by its complexity and non-intuitive design, making quiz creation difficult. It feels more like a beta version than a finished product. Given its quality, the $40 price seems excessive. Overall, I'm quite disappointed.
I'm sorry you're having trouble using it.
It's easy to use. We've chosen to break it down into several steps: creating the quiz, then creating the questions, and once everything's finished, just publish it for members to see.
This means you can create your quiz and publish it whenever you like, and you can simply by adding, modifying or deleting questions.
I worked hard to get this add-on made, and I'm his first customer. I started using it on my own site immedalitly.

I think it will be highly sought after for many site owners because there is no Quiz Add-on in XenForo2.

Thanks bro
Thank you for your review and Thank you for helping me with this project.
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