[XenConcept] Linked Accounts

[XenConcept] Linked Accounts 2.4.5

No permission to buy ($40.00)
  • [Bug Fix] The "Revert" button was no longer displayed.
New feature
  • The user with authorization can create linked accounts via his account. The linked account created will have the user group selected in the options (Admin ACP).


  • [Bug Fix] The "Unlink account" button is not displayed.
  • Added a importer for get the sub-accounts of the add-on [TH] Sub Accounts - XF1

How to use the importer
  • [Bug Fix] Correction of the following error LogicException: Macro public:xc_linked_account_member_list_macros :: item() error: Macro argument buttonPhrase is required and no value was provided src/XF/Template/Templater.php:809
  • [Bug Fix] Watched threads are removed once you respond to the thread
  • The add-on is compatible with PHP 7.3
  • Fix server error when responding to a thread
New feature
  • When the user "a" login to "b" to return the user "a" you had to log out and then reconnected now you no longer need to do it.

  • [Bug Fix] The linked accounts menu is not displayed on certain themes in the nav bar
New Features
  • You can select an linked account that will watch the thread
  • You can reply with an linked account

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