Vigas 2.2.15a

No permission to buy ($30.00)
  • Fix the empty breadcrumb issue.
  • Add Transparency to the collapsed categories.
  • Fix collapsed nodes if collapsable categories aren’t activated.
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.15
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • ** NEW** Three new colors added.
  • Clickable Node images.
  • The category view bug is fixed.
  • Table header bug fixed.
  • Sticky category strips in mobile bug fixed.
  • The sticky sidebar bug fixed.
  • Node category layout fixed.
  • The notice color is fixed.
  • Duplicated Facebook icon fixed.
  • Adding tags popup background color fixed.
  • Sidebar login widget glyph added.
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.13
  • The structure Item note bug was fixed.
  • Minor CSS bugs fixed.
  • Suggest forum and Questions forum icon bug fixed.
  • The block description issue is fixed.
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