Vertiforo White

Vertiforo White 2.1.4

No permission to buy ($2.00)
updated missing new version of Vertiforo Sidebar
  • updated custom slider for latest version: Ultimate Custom Slider
  • fixed small bug with border-bottom for 50% nodes with images
  • added support for category backgrounds
  • added support for forum page backgrounds
  • added support for category_view backgrounds
  • added support for forum page_view backgrounds
  • fixed problem with hovering of trigger in menus
  • removed old css data of predefined colors, now you have to set all colors in Vertiforo Colors Settings
  • fixed problem with small margin between descriptions and forum listings
  • small fix with descriptions colors

If you can't download plugin/theme and your licence is still active (or should be) then contact us on PM od Discord

We are making some changes in licences of our products so there could be some errors.
Please update nodes plugin to newer version.
There is fix with compatibility for thirdparty plugins.
  • fixed problem with breaking category in category
  • changed Vertiforo version to fit latest XF release version
updated to newest version
- updated to latest version of CustomSlider
Fixed problem with nodes with long topics titles.
- updated to XF 2.1.1
Working with latest XF 2.1.