Ultimate Custom Nodes

Ultimate Custom Nodes

No permission to buy ($15.00)
  • icons list in forum list panel
  • two types of icons (for dark and light themes)
  • some small fixes
- small fix for template modification process to avoid problems with implementing css
- fix for subforum icon nodes animations
fixed problem with button for turnin on/off animations
fixed problem with display of subforum icons
fixed problem with template error for comments icon
fixed problem with editing link forums
This is major update.

  • fixed problems with 3rd party plugins compatibility
  • fixed problems with icon sizes
  • fixed missing phrases

  • reworked SVG support, now sprites need to be .SVG
  • only one field to set svg for forum icon
  • reworked subforum list icons
  • reworked templates to be more performance friendly

  • added sizes for font awesome subforum icons
  • added sizes for images subforum icons (SVG inherits it)

Plugin should work fine on XF 2.2 now. If you have any problems please contact via Discord to get fastest support.
fixed problem with spamming logs with not existing variable
- support for subforum icons
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Fixed problem with doubled commands.