1. Stylesfactory

    Ultimate Server Listing 2.0.8

    Make your server list look amazing with only few clicks! Ultimate Server Listing is plugin for all gaming networks who want to show your players how many people playing on servers and make them connect faster! Right now we support games: Counter Strike: Global Offensive Counter Strike 1.6...
  2. Stylesfactory

    Ultimate Custom Nodes

    Now you can set icons in few minutes. With this plugin you can: set image for forum node, page, link or category set font awesome icon for forum node, page, link or category set width for icon turn on/off animation effect for new icons turon on/off border for image icons turon on/off border...
  3. Stylesfactory

    Ultimate Partner Logo 2.0

    Do you have many partners which should be visible on your board? This plugin is for you! Easy to setup and fast to manage. Here are some options you will get using this plugin: sliding speed how many partners to show how many partners to slide each time set partner logo set partner link...
  4. Stylesfactory

    Ultimate News Ticker 1.0.6

    Do you want to announce important infos for your users? You don’t need big sliders! Check Ultimate News Ticker. Demo: Check Thanks to this plugins you can: set name for Latest News section set link for news set text for news set display order for news set background color for Latest News...
  5. Stylesfactory

    Beta Ultimate Forum Rules 1.0.3

    Make some extra changes for displaying your rules on each forum. In few steps you can make this: Thanks to this plugins you can: set three buttons with links and own names set font awesome icon for each button set rules title for each forum set render image to make rules more visible turn...