Ultimate Content Display

Ultimate Content Display 1.1.0

No permission to buy ($15.00)
now you can turn on/off display on forum and portal pages
  • now all content boxes are inside slider for mobile view (no more wasting space :D)
  • fix for branding removal while using SFCore
  • fixed missing phrases
  • fixed empty category boxes when category not set
  • fixed empty space after installation
  • fixed some random displaying, it should now work better when you use lower amount of content blocks
  • changed some default values in options to make starting with plugin much easier :)
fixed problem with authors footer remover
  • fixed problem with uploading file (in admin panel plugin installation)
  • fixed problem with animation not working
- now you can click on whole container

- few missing phrases

There were some missing phrases.
Added default xenforo2 editor to add descriptions for each content.
  • fixed missing widget file
  • fixed missing phrase