Trader 2.3

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Trader v2.3 changes:

Now supports importing iTrader data.
Trader v2.2 changes:

Updated setup to use schema manager.
Trader v2.1 changes:

Added missing phrase.
Trader v2.0 changes:

Added multibyte to options page.
Trader v1.9 changes:

Updated Template modification. Placement of line breaks updated.
Trader v1.8 changes:

Updated PHP to correct a permission issue. Also fixed a phrase.
Trader v1.7 changes:

Added XenTrader import function.
Trader v1.6 changes:

Fixed email subject phrasing.
Trader v1.5 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with language phrase.
Trader v1.4 changes:

Updated Template modifications.