[tl] Social Groups

[tl] Social Groups 2.2.1

No permission to buy ($50.00)
My forum need a groups for some users discussion privately, and this is excellent addon for that.
Author has been very friendly and helpful.
While the concept fits the high demand for a groups or club add-on - like IPS is offering as an oficial add-on -, unfortunal the developer fails to follow the Xenforo coding standards. Wether in the XF1 nor in the current XF2 versions this add-on is free of severe privacy issues, exposing everyone running this add-on in the EU to the risk, to get fined for breaking the GDPR with a penalty of thousands of EUR while becoming object of a legal case. With that being said, while those bugs haven´t been addressed in the XF1 versions up to this date, the corresponding bugs regarding the XF2 versions reported to the developer in his forums (https://nobita.me/forums/issues.92/?prefix_id=24) haven´t been resolved, yet, and until this day the developer shows no efforts to address them in the future. While I acknowledge the add-on concept, since the add-on fails to addhere to the Xenforo coding standards and severe privacy issues have been discovered, reported and not being resolved, I can´t give a better rating and even would have to rate it with a minus star, if available.
This addon is perfect and work correctly but i think the reactions systems is an important part to add on the addon for improve groups on communautary forums.
Excellent addon :)
Truong has been very friendly and helpful. He also fixes the bugs fairly quick as well!
Have been using this for awhile now and users love it! It definitely has a very modern-sleek look, making each group attractive to their own.

The developer is also attentive in sorting issues and accomplishing useful suggested things. Would definitely recommend this!
Absolutely love this add-on... Truonglv did a really good job and keeps up with end user needs and testing. It's clean, attractive and feature rich.. with a good direction as the developer tends to listen to the needs of those who use the add-on. A community must have!
Got this add-on recently, it works great. Even though it has some small bugs, the owner's support is quick and helpful.
Great addon. Rich features Social group addon for Xenforo. Waiting for Resource and Gallery support.