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[tl] Schedule Content for XF 2.x 2.0.9

No permission to buy ($31.82)
Notable changes:
  • Fixed inputs not show in thread create
Notable changes:
  • Fixed input change content owner still show to users did not have permission
  • Fixed issue schedule do not save in some cases.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed schedule list navigation show to user who have not permission to view.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed error call undefined method canEdit
  • Added new page to listing all schedules
Notable Changes:
  • Rewrite this add-on.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed schedule inputs still show to users did not have permissions.
Remove default schedule date on new thread form
Fixed invalid date.
Notable changes:
  • Added cron to publishing contents
  • Added action while manual stop scheduling.
  • Improvement add-on
Added permission to restrict change owner content.