[tl] Post Reply

[tl] Post Reply 3.0.2

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Notable changes:
  • Fixed too many depth error
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Version 3.0.0 has made big changes in this add-on. It's almost rewrite add-on so you MUST be careful to upgrade to this version. Once you updated this add-on to version 3.0.0 you MUST rebuild tree caches to re-calculate caches otherwise it's won't work. If you have add-ons which extends to this please disable that and make it compatible with latest version before enabling.

Notable changes:
  • Support all thread types
Notable changes:
  • Fixed load incorrect posts in some cases
  • Added manual rebuild thread tree
Notable changes:
  • Fixed invalid pagination
Notable changes:
  • Fixed save thread error
  • Added new option to include post when replying
Notable changes:
  • Fixed incorrect pagination for some threads
Notable changes:
  • This version required to XenForo 2.2.0 or higher.
Notable changes:
  • Support sticky first posts
Notable changes:
  • Fixed CAPTCHA does not show for guest
  • Added new option to apply certain forums to use post reply feature
Notable Changes:
  • Support rebuild tree data through CLI. You can run by: xf-rebuild:tpr-tree-data
  • Fixed link go to latest are incorrect in some cases
  • Fixed show single post does not include replies.
  • Minor improvements!