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Titan 🎮 2.2.15

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  • Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.15
  • Fixed an issue where the main content area could be misaligned in 3rd party apps
Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.13.
Fixed an error when trying to disable the Mega Footer in the admin panel.
  • Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.12.
  • Fixed a Turkish language string in the guest message.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese phrases.
  • The “Online statistics” widget on the “Current visitors” page is now using the correct icon.
  • The “Mobile navigation bar?” setting in the Customizer no longer appears if the “Xenfocus: Mobile navigation bar > Enable mobile navigation bar?” setting is disabled.
This theme is compatible with Xenforo 2.2.10 and requires no further updates.
  • Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.9.
  • The breadcrumb navigation bar can now wrap links if necessary.
  • Long usernames are no longer truncated in the user panel
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A minor change to the PAGE_CONTAINER template file, introduced in the 2.2.8 Xenforo update, was applied.
  • Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.4.
  • The [BS] Live forum statistics addon should now be formatted correctly.
  • The alignment of arrows in the secondary navigation bar has been improved.
  • All node icons now respect the Xenfocus: Node icons > “New content” icon weight Style Property.
  • The Alerts icon in the user bar now has a tooltip, matching all of the other icons.
  • Upgraded for xenforo 2.2.1
  • Article nodes, Question nodes and Suggestion nodes now have unique icons to distinguish them from regular Discussion nodes
  • An incorrect Italian translation for Sticky Threads has been corrected
Upgraded for xenforo 2.2.0, including minor bug fixes from past bug reports.
This update includes:
  • Compatibility for Xenforo 2.1.10
  • Fixed a bug where the mobile footer may not function correctly if the theme editor is disabled.
  • Converted “Theme editor preferences” from cookies to localStorage, removing a HTTP request as well as a couple of cookie functions.
  • Some button colours were assigned using the wrong Style Properties. This has now been fixed.
  • Translated the “Mobile navigation bar” text in the editor for all languages.
  • Added Polish translations
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