Tickets 2.7.0

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  • Require XenForo 2.2+.
  • Require PHP 7.2+.
  • Add the ability for users with permission to anonymise their responses to tickets as a particular user.
  • Add support for LinkableInterface.
  • Return additional data when retrieving ticket information via the API.
  • Add per ticket category "count messages" option.
  • Improve search accuracy when non-viewable search categories exist.
  • Fix issue where discussion thread creation may not occur, or may occur under the wrong user.
  • Give a better error message on trying to access a ticket which isn't viewable.
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  • Display a footer note under KB article content pointing users to open a new ticket if their issue is still not answered.
  • Support BB code within predefined responses.
  • Expose per-category priority selection option.
  • Add "View priority for own tickets" permission.
  • If a user is not able to see tickets or KB articles, hide the search form tabs for them.
  • Make activating / installing the add-on more robust on busier sites.
  • Add missing "nf_tickets_requested_ticket_not_found" phrase.
  • Log ticket prefix changes as moderator actions.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes to escalations.
  • Fix erroneous "no permissions" thrown on ticket category page
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  • Now requires PHP 7.0+. The next major update will hard require XF 2.2 and PHP 7.2+.
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon.
  • Improve compatibility for XF 2.2, mostly around inbound emails.
  • Avoid trying to prune fields that don't exist anymore.
  • Support attachments within knowledge base articles.
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  • Add CLI commands to run rebuild tasks.
  • Update option group icon to match resource manager icon.
  • Fix an issue when trying to convert conversations to tickets.
  • Fix an issue when using a response in a ticket with no priority assigned.
  • Ensure user ticket counts are properly incremented.
  • Ensure counts are properly updated when tickets are hard-deleted.
  • Properly save "Alert on status transition" option.
  • Ensure categories can handle tickets with titles greater than 150 characters.
  • Fix an issue where some threads would throw an error when being converted to tickets.
  • Add inline moderation support for converting threads to tickets.
  • Bump ticket title limit to 150 characters.
  • Drop unused is_expired field.
  • Add a basic and optional knowledge base system.
  • When copying a thread/conversation to a ticket, update BBCode references to point to new attachments.
  • Implement attachment handling when editing an edited ticket message.
  • Fix preview link for editing ticket messages.
  • Add the ability to prune custom field contents after a period of time has elapsed after ticket creation.
  • More accurately set dates for incoming email tickets.
  • Add a permission for viewing ticket owner email addresses.
  • Canonicalise URL in ticket response JS.
  • Add missing template for category sorting.
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  • Clean up unused phrases and template modifications.
  • Fix an issue where XF1 code was referenced, rather than XF2.
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  • Additional username and email validation for guest tickets.
  • Additional time-based escalation criteria.
  • Add support for prefix editing from the sidebar when viewing a ticket.
  • Minor fixes for bundled importer.
  • Under-the-hood work for future guest participant support.
  • Minor fixes and improvements to importer.
  • Fix incorrect admin permission ID.
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