Tickets 2.6.6

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  • Add "All tickets by user" link to the moderation tools menu on a user's profile.
  • Add tab on ticket view to display account upgrades for the ticket owner. If the visitor is an admin with permission to view user upgrades, links to the admin panel will be included.
  • Display notices for ticket categories in more places.
  • When checking if a user can upload images / media to a ticket, check against the visitor rather than using guest permissions.
  • When creating a new ticket, only skip category selection if there aren't any descendants of the only root category.
  • Fix banned user accessing a ticket would load all relationships on a user entity.
  • Fix converting thread to ticket and vice versa when source content originally had reactions.
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  • Add an inline mod action to self assign tickets.
  • Add an inline mod action to lock/unlock tickets.
  • Fix not being able to use queue pages when viewing tickets assigned to self.
  • Fix not being able to save custom ticket fields.
  • Small phrase fixes here and there.
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  • Fix possible error when using XenForo Enhanced Search and searching with status IDs.
  • Add indexes to ticket table to reduce query time when viewing list of tickets.
  • Add missing phrase in watched category emails.
  • Improve formatting of spam-trigger logs for a user/email when displayed on a ticket.
  • Add "Allow images"/"Allow embedded media" ticket permissions. These permissions apply to a user's ticket even after it is posted.
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  • Fix packaging issue with the previous release.
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  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+.
  • Add additional search criteria; assigned/assigner of a ticket.
  • Support Search Improvements displaying ticket search terms on the search result page.
  • Fix changing status of a ticket did not trigger the search index to be updated.
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  • Fix XF 2.2.12 compatibility when using a captcha with the ticket system.
  • On fresh install, add a route filter to replace tickets/ with support/.
  • Rename "Tickets" navigation tab to "Support".
  • Remove ticket title from ticket URLs.
  • Fix restricting search to a ticket category.
  • Fix guests not being able to see their own moderated replies or tickets.
  • Fix not being able to convert a guest's ticket to a thread.
  • Hide filtering options for guests viewing tickets they've created.
Includes changes from v2.5.1 that I forgot to cross-post here.
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  • If a user is awaiting approval, display any recent tickets they've created on the approval queue.
  • Display a user's current user state within a ticket.
  • Allow staff users with appropriate permissions to approve / reject users awaiting approval.
  • Show a proper error when trying to create knowledge base articles when no categories exist.
  • Fix upgrade path from XF1 version of the add-on.
  • Fix incorrect phrasing on the batch updating tickets page.
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  • Support globally watching the ticket queue.
  • Support linking a resource item to a ticket category for users that have permission.
  • Always notify users watching a ticket for new replies rather than taking into account last read date.
  • Improve quick search integration.
  • Implement searching within a ticket.
  • Implement searching by category.
  • Implement searching by status.
  • Fix search not searching ticket titles.
  • Actually implement inline moderation support for ticket search results.
  • Fix incorrect positioning of predefined responses menu when using an RTL language.
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  • Require Standard Library v1.5.0+, as this implements the template filter replacevalue
  • Support 64bit xf_ip.ip_id column.
  • Support linking a ticket category to a resource category.
  • Add Sort button to ticket priority and status lists.
  • Add spam cleaner support.
  • Fixes inactive priorities/statuses could be assigned to a ticket on edit.
  • Fixes the "Alerts are sent when a ticket transitions to this status" flag was not respected
  • Fixes editing a ticket's title to a falsy value.
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