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Thread Titles Manager 1.0.1 Patch Level 1

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Duplicate thread title lookup now again uses title instead of thread id.

Also if only 1 thread is returned after delete/merge, redirect user to the duplicates list.
Possibility to put a redirect URL when deleting a thread.. Useful when you don't want to merge, and want to get search engine to pick up the "correct one" faster.

  • Fixed bug where forums using utf8mb3 encoding couldn't install it (only those on utf8mb4 could)
  • Long thread titles are now broken like as follows:
    this is a long title blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... is the rest of the text
  • Thread listings changes:
    • Title is broken into multiple lines when longer than max, to better indicate where the "limit" is for the person doing cleaning
      • Under title also shows: Author, create date, forum, last post username and date
    • Statistics column:
      • Reply count
      • View count
      • Thread age (in days)
      • Views per day..
        • This can be useful to know which thread is more popular over time..
    • 3 action buttons
      • Preview first post of thread (quickly gives more context for e.g. short thread title view)
      • Edit thread
      • Delete thread
  • Option changes:
    • Default minimum set to 10
    • Forum limiting
NOTE: If you are coming from an earlier version, please uninstall it before as this one won't install otherwise :) 👍

Changes in this release:
  • Only check threads that are public (search engines can crawl)
  • Show list of threads in tables and use macros for this
  • Duplicate threads page to have pagination

Upcoming features planned (at some point)
  • Option to ignore threads with 0 replies..
  • Show more metadata about threads in the table (author, forum, views, etc..)
    • Possibly also a short summary of first post for context (especially for short threads)
  • Allow deleting threads from short/long views
    • This make sense if nonsense thread..
  • Allow "in-place"-editing of thread title
  • Maybe: Allow ignoring of threads
Fixed pagination for "Too long titles" & "Too short titles" pages.
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Added info (thread id, reply count, first post date, last post date) to items in Too Long & Too Short lists.
Lists now are ordered not by thread ID, but:
  • Duplicated titles - by title length (DESC);
  • Too long titles - by title length (DESC);
  • Too short titles - by title length;
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Added "Duplicated Threads Details" page.
Added Dashboard. Fixed navbar links.
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