Thread Title Edit History

Unmaintained Thread Title Edit History 1.0.10

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  • Compatibility fix to workaround a 3rd party add-on's bug
  • Fix an issue where a thread attribute that should be skipped for logging could be logged
  • Enforce php & XF minimum versions
  • Cleanup installer code
  • Install now ensures incorrect old addon column names are properly renamed/removed if upgrading an older addon.
  • Uninstall now removes added columns and old edit history data.

You may need to run the following SQL to manually remove the columns.
alter table xf_thread drop column edit_count;
alter table xf_thread drop column last_edit_date;
alter table xf_thread drop column last_edit_user_id;

Thanks @The Sandman for reporting the issue.
  • Only show the "Title History" link when the user can actually view the title history.
  • Now requires the 'Manage Thread' permission to view the thread title edit history.
  • Respect if edit history is disabled.
Correctly call the parent::_discussionPreSave in the thread datawriter.
Previously, the moderator log would be populated that a user was editing the metadata which tracks edit history. This is neither useful or helpful.
  1. Ensures the content cache is always rebuild after setting up thread title content type.
  2. Fix typo in revert functionality which did not correctly check the previous editor.
Fixed a column name collision between the xf_thread and xf_post table, which caused Post History to fail to display if there was no Title Edit History for the thread.

Please indicate if the column rename doesn't work as expected, as this may leave the addon in an invalid state.