Tag Essentials

Tag Essentials 2.3.3

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  • Fix tag cleanup when deleting a tag category
  • Fix "Include Parent Node Tags" option not being respected
  • Fix new tag watch alerts not being associated with add-on
  • XF2.2 compatibility fix, remove duplicate tag row for batch update threads form
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Compatibility fix for add-ons extending thread-prefix in the admincp
Reduce some N+1 queries on viewing tag recent contents & top users
This version supports XF2.1 and 2.2
XF2.2 compatibility update;
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Recommend php7.2+
  • Fix "InvalidArgumentException: Accessed unknown getter 'ParenTag' "
  • Fix "restrict addition of tags to threads in these forums" feature
Requires XF2.1+
New Feature: Add Auto-tag threads from thread-title option in Batch Update Threads function.
Bug fix: Respect tag blacklisting via Batch Update Threads action
Bug fix: Implement Restrict addition of tag to threads in these forums to apply to both manually set thread tags and tags created from the thread title.
Bug fix: Tweak bulk tag management action to read Delete instead of Disable
  • Fix "Restrict addition of tag to threads in these forums" not being checked on reloading the a restricted tag
  • Fix error when a user attempts to use a blacklisted synonym tag, and correctly report the synonym tag used that was blocked
Fix bulk tag watching commands (missing table rename)
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  • Fix tags from prefix/title support when friendly URLs is disabled
  • Minor cleanup of fetching pages from Wikipedia to exclude some pages which may be empty
  • Make excluding disambiguation pages more aggressive
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  • Fix tag previews when "Categories Separated: Thread View" is not selected
  • Fix bulk blacklist/bulk delete/wiki font-awesome icon with XF2.1+
  • Add 'select-all' checkbox to top of tags list
  • Add bulk-delete option for blacklisted tag management page
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