Tag Essentials - with AI auto tagging and XFRM support

Tag Essentials - with AI auto tagging and XFRM support 2.5.7

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Added OG metas on tag pages.
Have limited the height of the Wikipedia information as it can be very long.
A tag page shows threads containing a particular tag. When editing a forum, there is a new tick box under the advanced section to allow threads from this forum to be excluded from the tag list.

For example, this tag page included a lot of threads from our Archived Classifieds forum:
whereas it now excludes all the threads from the Archived Classifieds forum
The batch update thread auto tag process uses the
  • Suggest Tags from content title On creating content, suggest tags from the title
option in Tag Essentials setup.
However, it ignored any default tags set up in forums.
This update tweaks the batch update auto tag logic to also add any default tags from the forums in which the threads are located.
Truncate OpenAI prompts to avoid hitting token limits for long posts. We'd never had a problem, but an admin on another forum with some extraordinarily long posts reported hitting a limit. We're trapping that now.
  • Fixed: Tag watch function did not work as expected for content not viewable by guests.
  • Fixed: On making a tag a synonym, rewrite all content to use the parent tag option did not update affected threads
The last build omitted the OpenAI script.
First of all we've fixed a bug where newly blacklisted tags are not removed from the system.
This would sometimes cause an error if a blacklisted tag existed and was automatically suggested in a new thread.
From on, when a new blacklisted tag is added, existing matching tags are deleted.

Because there could be existing blacklisted tags, we've added a new batch process to remove orphaned tags.
It should only really need to be run after upgrading to
It can't deal with regex blacklists, so you'll need to manually re-add regex blacklisted tags to have the system delete any existing tags matching the regex.

Lastly we've added a bulk import for blacklisted tags. It requires a list of tags to blacklist with one on each line. This is useful if you find a long list of common words which you don't want used as tags. I found a list of about 1,000 common English words which I blacklisted via the bulk import.
Restored missing OpenAI elements
[OzzModz] TMDb Movie Thread Starter and [OzzModz] TMDb TV Thread Starter addons creating threads without titles or post text was creating an error.
That's fixed.
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