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Unmaintained Social Media Slider 1.0

This is a social media slider

  1. mmoore5553
    This is the code for a slider that is bought at


    I have written a small plugin that does the template edits in XF. You install the files you bought in the root of XF installation. Then configure it from the install url. Then delete the install.php file. Then go ahead and just upload the plugin.

    There are two version of the file one which is code for automatically install using hooks. It will work on Xenforo boards that are not using mobile themes as there was an issue.

    The second edition is used a per theme basis. You can add a hook on the theme you want to have it display.

    This is my first simple plugin.

    I will try to help as much as possible but this is working on two boards. Special thanks goes to CritiKiL for sharing original files
    and paying for the original mod.

    The link is to a demo and also where to buy it.

    Just to say it again i do not provide the original code as it is by someone else. I am providing the plugin to make it work in XF.


    1. social.jpg
    2. facebook1.jpg
    3. twitter.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mbt131
    Version: 1.0
    Good one thanks
  2. Gabriel Pinho
    Gabriel Pinho
    Version: 1.0
    The best and easy social slider integration.
  3. CritiKiL
    Version: 1.0
    This is a simple 'must have' for anyone wanting to have options for fans to connect to your social networks in a smooth operating way! Other sliders are stiff and offer no ease when selcting. This version is one of the best for XenForo yet ;-)