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Unmaintained Slow query logger 1.3.1

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  • Fix 'undefined index file' when handling the stack trace of eval()'ed code
  • Add "Track stack traces for queries" option (default disabled)
    • On the debug output page, displays a stack trace under the explain table.
  • Fix error when reporting a slow query.
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Please update or disable this add-on ASAP
  • Prevent potential catastrophic data-loss due to re-using the database connection when reporting a slow individual query.
    • Slow transactions reporting is OK
    • When moving posts between threads, this can cause the permanent deleting of any source thread(s) if the slow query logging is triggered.
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  • Now reports slow transactions.
    • May get confused with nested transactions.
    • May not capture all transactions.
    • May invalidate assumptions if using a non-default/custom profiler
  • Allow slow query threshold to be less than 1 second
  • Allow slow query threshold to be configured from AdminCP
Thanks @NixFifty
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Fix add-on name label. Was incorrectly "SVG Template"