Simple no avatar set

Unmaintained Simple no avatar set 1.2

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This is a simple and lovely addition to a forum. Saves using the boring grey stock ones. Not too sure what else to say to pass the text limit. It's an avatar.
I am giving this add-on five star rating cause the contents of the resource is high quality and icons are very cool for any point of view :)
Much bether than the regular images. Free and without branding. Easy to embed - Thank You very much!
Awesome :) Nothing else to add really. Having to spam this with text because there is apparently a 150 character limit now to ratings O.O ....................... sorry D:
Looking great and using it for a very long time now.

Thanks =)
This is a simple yet perfect avatar alternative - Thanks!
Thanks, beatifull and simple.
Great work ShadyX!
Simple and clean design. Only graphics Add-On I am using on my site.
Clean and beautiful
Simple and clean design, i like it.
That is actually a really apt, and well designed set. Nice work...
A great easy way to spruce up the forums.. Good Stuff.
Really nice and stylish avatars - fit all styles of sites too which is great!
Very nice..
Very nice, much more attractive than the default ones :)