RolePlay 2.1.10

No permission to buy ($5.00)
  • changed core files, there were problem with old pack in download, please check your plugins!
  • working with latest XF
Please uninstall all previous plugins on RolePlay and install one from new package called RPCore.
Template is full compatible with latest release of Xenforo.
- Working with XF 2.1.7
- updated to latest version
- working with latest version
- small fix for thread_view

All users who have problems with downloading RolePlay Dark please contact me via PM or on Discord. There were some changes in download links.
  • working with latest XF release
  • changed version to fit XF release number
- some bars werent displayed in right way
  • fixed problem with nodestats width
  • fixed problem with title and node description (while changing resolution to custom)
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