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This was a MUST HAVE for our forum, when we migrated from vB over to XF. While on vB due to COPPA, we always collected DOB information. However, after realizing that one can include a 'I am older than 13' statement in our Terms of Service agreement we chose to no longer require DOB info.

Having the DOB field show up during registration, just caused confusion…mainly because the 'not required' sub-script notice is so very low-lighted, it's essentially invisible. Yet, the DOB box is clearly present and seems to require being filled-in.

This add-on allowed us to simply remove the DOB box from our registration page, which streamlined the process. Many Thanxx!
Simple, clean, perfect. Just what I was looking for (and also the remove gender tool) since my site is privacy oriented and it's no one's business who our visitors are. :)
I'm sending a donation to provide additional encouragement for the future! Thanks!! /Steve Gibson.
Finally a solution for a really unneccessary dictate on what we want to ask our users during the registration. Should be in the core!
Thanks Andy for again creating a resource to make small adjustments such as this one (removing date of birth requirement on the sign up form) because without your many helpful resources and tips/help admins like me would be lost trying to figure this stuff out.

This resource does exactly what it says! Excellent :)
Great addon! AndyB knows how to get er done and create the most excellent addons! Requiring birthdate no more! :D
Love this. Why complicate things? Thanks to adwade for suggesting adding an age attestation to the site TOS, which was the only reason I was collecting DOB in the first place. In addition to making registration simpler, not storing DOB information helps protect members' privacy in the event of a security breach. Thanks, Andy!
Great add on
Excellent add-on. I installed it but I also changed the Terms of Service text to "I confirm that I am over 13 years of age and I agree to the terms and rules." just to be sure.
Great add-on for the unnecessary registration items. It keeps option for user in settings to allow for AndyB's Birthday Thread add-on as well. Thanks!
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