Profile Fields Popup

Profile Fields Popup 2.0.9

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This add-on can now be downloaded and used for free. No branding! Have fun ...
  • The profile fields popup is now also visible with responsive view
  • Now you can select which default profile fields you want to add to the popup, so not only custom profile fields! (thanks @Sunka for your suggestion)
  • Added an option to define the hover area for the popup (arrow only or text+arrow) (thanks @Gator for your suggestion)
Please note: all options for this add-on are now moved to Appearance > Style properties > Messages
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  • Small bug fixes in html/css: fixed no closing quote in some situations and some css optimizations
  • Slightly different hover area to prevent unwanted popups when moving the mouse
  • Added arrow down which aligns with popup arrow
  • Removed javascript:void(0); link on hover
  • Fixed some language errors
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  • This version is for XenForo 2.1 and higher.
  • Popup will not go out of screen anymore, instead it will popup on top instead of bottom.
  • Rebuild popup code. Now using build-in XenForo tooltip system.
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  • Added option to show the personal and contact profile fields separated
  • Changed permissions to also respect the user's privacy settings. Profile Fields Popup will only be shown if you set the permission 'view member profiles'. A user can choose to disable personal/contact in the privacy settings. The extra option to show/hide for guests is now removed because you can use the normal permission system for this.
  • This is a XF 2.1 release. Has not been tested on older versions.
  • Added CSS stylesheet to conversation view so the popup also works in that view
  • Option to show Personal and/or Contact profile fields in popup
  • Small bugfix which prevented the popup to show in a certain situation
  • This addon is now compatible with UI.X 2 style from ThemeHouse
  • Added option to hide the popup for guests
  • This addon now comes as a free and paid version. No worries, both have the same functionality.