[OzzModz] Zip Preview

[OzzModz] Zip Preview 2.1.4 Patch Level 1

No permission to buy ($25.00)

  • Added zip, rar, tar, gz support (requires PHP extensions - zip, rar, gzip)
  • Fixed popup auto width
  • Fixed broken resource support
  • Fixed infinite loop on multiple download resource preview
  • Refactor & Code cleanup
Changed: Template modification for compatibility with the attachment enhancement addon.
XSS VULNERIBILITY FIX: File names were not escaped in zip preview which can cause XSS

Changed: Price from $35 to $25
Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Zip Preview
Changed: JavaScript files are now minified when running the add-on on production

Removed: Xen-Pro icon from the ACP addon page.

Added: Support for XF 2.1 and 2.2

Fixed: Compatibility with XenForo Resource Manager 2.1 and 2.2
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added 3 style properties to let you replace the images/icons of the Open Folder, Closed Folder, and File.


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