[OzzModz] Recently Active Days Override

[OzzModz] Recently Active Days Override 2.0.1

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This is a small addon that will allow admins to set a time in days to return user results when searching by user or @mentioning a user in a post/thread. By default XenForo limits this to 180 days.


Thanks to @Lukas W. and @TickTackk for helping sort the function.

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Life safer!

We are a long running forum with many member that have gone inactive over the years. When going down memory lane it is very handy to be able to mention and search for those golden oldies.
Excellent stuff, it was strange not to find all the usernames when the autocomplete search. I have around 40k users, and some of them will love this new feature, thanks!
Adjusted to 8000 days too ;)
My online community has almost 120,000 users and so far I haven't noticed any problems. Very satisfied with the result.
Works perfectly when using auto-complete to find ALL usernames.

I set the date back 8000 days and used it on a board with 91,000+ users.

Great Thanks!
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