[OzzModz] Prefix Actions

[OzzModz] Prefix Actions 2.0.6 Patch Level 1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
You may not redistribute the addon in whole or in part.
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This add-on adds the ability to open, close, stick, unstick or move threads automatically when any prefix is selected.

If the original poster has permission to use a prefix, they can change the prefix at any time and the thread will be open, closed, stuck, unstuck or moved as defined by the thread prefix.


This menu selection is added to the thread after the time limit on editing/deleting own posts has expired.
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    Add - Move thread to different forum when prefix is selected

Latest reviews

This is an extremely useful add-on. It's so easy to use if you know where to start. Answer: check your prefix settings. Add or edit a prefix and you'll see the options! 😗
Glad you like the addon and that you found it useful. Thanks for leaving a review.
This add-on is so good that it ought to be core functionality! Using this add-on, I was able to create a "SOLD" prefix, and then when someone sells their item for sale and changes the thread prefix to "SOLD", it automatically closes the thread.

Absolutely brilliant!
Excellent Add-On. A must have I'd say, for every Admin using Thread Prefixes. I downloaded this add-on specifically because I wanted Solved prefixes to automatically lock the threads and this add-on works perfectly on this matter, saving me and my team a lot of time! Thank you Snog for making all this possible!
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