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[OzzModz] Post Comments 2.0.2 Patch Level 3

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Post Comments
This product allows you to have your members reply directly to a post and have it display nested and inline.

By Default, XenForo will require use of bbcode to reply or quote a message. This add-on extends XenForo to allow for a nested experience when replying to a post, whereby the message is kept tabbed in and nested under the quoted post.

Many niche sites and forums will prefer this experience when topics require more detailed discussion and threads can get derailed. This keeps the main topic of discussion direct and on topic and other discussions that require clarification, follow-up, or not useful to the primary discussion away and organized.

General Features:

  • Threaded inline posts and comments
  • Set the nested level maximum depth
  • Similar feel to how Reddit, Facebook, and other social media sites handle comments
  • Works with XPress and UI.X
  • Support for most major add-ons
Moving away from post comments
For anyone who wishes to fully migrate away, after uninstalling Post Comments, navigate to ACP > Tools > Data maintenance > Rebuild caches and run the "Rebuild threads" job with "Rebuild positions and post counters" selected. This will reorder all your comments into a normal thread structure based on post date.

Originally coded by ThemeHouse and released as open source.


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Latest reviews

I used to use this function in my old vb forum.
Excellent well made plugin. My users will like it. Thank you
god tier support, excellent work, better than the original by a landslide. try it, you won't be disappointed.
I run a website for authors, and we were using an add-on that allows for multiple nested comments, which can be very handy vs. someone "replying" 4 pages down the thread. We updated Xenforo software and the comments disappeared! YIKES is right! The company that made the add-on basically said they were sorry, but they weren't going to update it, they were moving in a different direction, etc.

Ozzy47 of OzzModz came to the rescue. His company took the time to fix the add-on and the first time we installed it, it worked perfectly and all 17,000+ comments snapped into place!

You can trust this man to come through for you. I am living proof. I have well over 1,000 very happy members once again.


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