[OzzModz] In Your Face Notifications

[OzzModz] In Your Face Notifications 2.0.1

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That really is a very practical solution. I and many users overlook the standard miniature icons in hectic or poor lighting conditions, which are really too small

@OzzModz ..thanks for the very useful offer
Like everything Ozzy/Ozzmodz does this is an amazing, useful, fun, and helpful addition to any XF community! Thank you!
This is something we've been needing for a long, but maybe some users wouldn't want it. It would be great if users could choose to display or not in their preferences
Well I just installed it and the installation was very easy. I just tweaked the colours a bit and I am really impressed with the way it all works.

I don't think any member can now complain that they did not notice either of these.

Thank you so much Ozzy
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