[OzzModz] GA-Lite (Google Analytics Lite)

[OzzModz] GA-Lite (Google Analytics Lite) 2.0.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2

This simple addon replaces the Google Analytics library with the GA-Lite library, a small cacheable version which can help slim your page size and load by a small amount. GA Lite is open source, and supports most features of the latest official Google API. It was originally created as a means to achieve 100/100 scores in Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse.

  • Size only 8kb
  • Open source
  • Can be locally hosted
  • Does not use cookies
  • Gets disabled on "Do not track" flag
Supports these functions from Google Analytics.js
  • Page Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Social Interactions
  • User Timings
  • Exception Tracking
  • Supports most features of latest API, with some exceptions in:
    • Custom variables, custom dimensions and metrics
    • Offline enabled data sync
  • Supports all modern browsers with some limitation for older IE browsers
Where to use

GA-Lite is enabled by default after installing the addon. You can change this and whether to serve locally or via CDN, at Admin -> Options -> Statistics & metrics.

Q: Should I use this on my site?
The simple answer is, if you are running Xenforo analytics "out of the box" with no customization, and standard Google Analytics console with no advanced metrics, yes you should be fine with this replacement. You will know if you're running custom Analytics as some owners of very large sites may do.

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Latest reviews

Excellent work, I come from vBulletin and I've been using Galite for years, I was looking for some accessories that allow me to add support without having to modify a template, since Xenforo's Google Analytics is pretty good and I did not want to spoil something.
Thanks the addon, I avoid having to edit anything manually. It would be interesting to add the functions that the xenforo itself brings to anonymize the IP and others.
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