[OzzModz] Daily Doodle Alternating Logo

[OzzModz] Daily Doodle Alternating Logo 2.0.5

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Support: XF 2.2
Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Daily Doodle Alternating Logo
Added: Support link for addon in the addon list in the ACP.
Almost immediately after the release of, someone brought the fact that there are 2 different days that Easter can fall on to my attention. Western and Eastern Orthodox celebrate Easter on a different day. So...
  • Add Easterorth doodle type
The Easterorth doodle type will display a logo every year on Easter Sunday for the Eastern Orthodox religion.
easterorth | logos/easter.png | Happy Easter!

This update also removes the requirement that PHP has calendar support enabled.
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I've decided to add another doodle type. ;)
  • Add Easter doodle type
The Easter doodle type will display a logo every year on Easter Sunday.
easter | logos/easter.png | Happy Easter!

The Easter doodle type requires that PHP have calendar support enabled to work.

  • Add Day/Date doodle type
The Day/Date doodle type allows a logo to be used every time the Date falls on a particular Day.
friday/13 | logos/13th.png | Friday the 13th!
  • Add - Support for X2 images
  • Change - Made add-on more resistant to custom style problems


*Special thanks to DragonByte Tech for the information on how to eliminate most potential style conflicts for this add-on.
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