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Unmaintained Nginx rewrites for Simple Machines Forum (SMF) --> Xenforo URLS

Modified SMF topic regex to handle urls ending in "prev_next,next.html"
I've only seen this format for threads in my webmaster tools reports, not boards or posts or users, but if you hit it elsewhere let me know and I'll update the resource
Added the SQL queries I used to rewrite all the links on my site from the SMF url structure to the Xenforo URL structure.
SMF separates parameters on users with ';' but Nginx doesn't support that as a parameter separator, so amended the regex to match all the variants I found in my webmaster tools reports.
Added handling of board, topic, and message urls that end in ';wap2'

There may be other SMF urls that end in ';wap2', but these three were the only ones I was finding.