Unmaintained Nexus

No permission to buy ($30.00)
I actually like this theme, its perfect for what I am looking for and it looks more professionally done than novice.. I too am a graphic designer and self taught novice coder and its even easier for me to slap together on my site.. thank you very much!
thank you for review and I'm happy that you loved the theme
Amazing style and the support for small changes are fast too! The theme is very customizable and easy to change. It also looks great on mobile which is a big deal in 2020 for users' experience.

The coding looks to be very good and has no issues with server load. By far my favorite on the 2 I purchased from Doh so far.
Thank you for review
I love love love this theme, its beautiful, highly customizable, and high performance. Funny enough it also fit the name of my forum (which has Nexus in the name) so I've been able to keep the default logo for a bit while I take more time to create a custom one.

With that said, is there any easy method to implement a dark theme here? I understand you charge for customization services, which isn't what I'm trying to ask for—I just have a lot of members complain about how white the theme is and I'm trying to find an alternate dark theme without buying/implementing a different theme than Nexus.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer :)
thank you for review and I'm happy that you loved the theme.. for the dark theme you can ask for our customization service or you can create a child theme and play with color palette.
Nexus is a very flexible, visually attractive and fast theme for Xenforo. The support reacts quickly, professionally and friendly.