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I do not recommend updating unrelated vendors and resellers who deny the vendor providing the original work .
In this regard, some information is available on our website. This is the reason why we have experienced various problems as a country. Now everything is in order and we continue to give support.
On first looks, this style has a lot going for it. I used IPB in the past and IPBforo made some great skins. Based on that reputation, I went ahead and bought this, immediately realising what I had hope it would be, it was not.

All coding is done in extra.css - There are framework options per say, apart from Logo, Slogan, and have Navigation Home as Icon (Which doesn't actually work)

On the site I tested this on, the following is installed.

Resource Manager 1.1.5
XenPorta 2.0
Showcase 2.2.1
Social Groups 2.2.2

Xenporta does not work. Will not allow 2-GRID View, Slider does not work. Home tab does not have Icon.

Line Spacing on Resource Manager and Showcase is strange. XMG styling is sparse with some strange line spacing. Of course, your life is made even harder by the fact the style is coded in extra.css itself, so you cannot simply override with extra.css Important's, as they are already in use.

I have no doubt this will be improved and I have provided feedback to the Author. I just wish he had provided me with a Review copy to test as requested ( I own 95% of paid styles for Xenforo - so I would of bought it if good )

Sadly, I'm now out of pocket for a theme I will not be using any time soon.

I'd avoid until you see all of my issues are resolved via the update info. Once that's done, easily a 4/5 star theme.
Here are reviewed status you have specified. According to XenForo structure was rebuilt with the new version. Please share your opinion to download the new version.
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