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Monsters 1.0

Uhhh... "boo", or something.

  1. Sheldon
    Note: I am not the creator.
    Note: I only resized.
    Note: These are released and resized with author's written permission.
    Note: If you want the original 256px images, the link is below.
    Note: I am not the creator.

    These are the icons/smilies in this pack, however, they are resized to 48px in height!
    These been resized to be no taller than 48px (same height as the Meme Smilies).

    Original: http://www.designbolts.com/2013/07/09/monsters-university-icons-256-px-pngs/

    All images have been optimized, will work on light/dark backgrounds.
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