[MMO] Hide Bb-Code Content System

[MMO] Hide Bb-Code Content System 2.2.5

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Min [MMO] Core Library 2.2.3
Added style settings for the required amount and what the user currently has
Update plural phrases
When using a tag in the resource manager that requires a response from the user, if a thread is created for this resource, it is now supported in the resource manager.
Added support for event after showing popup
Refactoring add-on
For the add-on to work, the add-on is required [MMO] Core Library
Declension is now used for tags
Add new style properties
Updated design
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Fixed a bug, if the option to receive reactions from the request, and not from the caching field is enabled, then any reaction was accepted into the like request
Optimizing conditions
Add new traits for more customization: HasReactionTrait and HasReplyTrait.
Attention! If you used the following functions canReplyView and canReactionView in your bb-codes, be sure to connect the corresponding traits.
Add new function checked reaction
Now the option that chooses how to get the affixed reaction from the caching field or by request is applied to the following tags:
Add new function for find hide tags
If the message for the last activity contains a hide tag, then we do not display attachments in the last activity
Fixed a bug that appeared in version 2.2.0 when, after installing the add-on and adding buttons, the editor's cache was not rebuilt. Rebuild was only applied when deleting
Refactoring add-on
Reduntant check
A separate template that does not render hide but sends a message in a quote stating that this is hidden content
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Fixed a bug if you turn off the receipt of the caching list of reactions when using the preview
Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php, or known global functions to avoid a current namespace lookup for the function.
Add option 'Use caching field reactions on tag thanks?'
Minimum version XF 2.2.0
Add new option: The hide tag will work as a reply tag
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Drop support XF 2.1
Support XF 2.2
Support for new XF 2.2 features
Disallow the use of the tag in the signature [thanks]
When the user clicks the reaction and the message contains a tag code or something, the tag stopped being processed.
Added event mh_hide_auth_tag_codes if you need to display information that the guest needs to log in or register to view hidden content
Can select all reactions in dialog
Added a style property that allows you to hide the title from hidden content which is able to view
Change phrases
Minor changes in tags
Fixed bug when the tag required to respond or leave a reaction. But I checked only the reaction