Minorin - Standard (non-WYSIWYG) editor toolbar

Unmaintained Minorin - Standard (non-WYSIWYG) editor toolbar 1.0.0

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Great add-on, this is what my members are looking for, It's very easy to add custom buttons and works perfectly in XF 1.5 :)
Looks better than the WYSIWYG one!
One important missing feature from Xenforo :D.
Excellent add-on, and essential for mobile users. Is it rude to say this should be in the core? ;)
Fantastic add-on! Exactly what I was looking for, and I highly recommend it! More users using the bbcode editor now tht it is user-freindly :D
Great addon.
easy to use, customizable, well integrated, makes a big difference to an other wise plain standard editor.
A great way of making the plain text editor more user friendly and functional.
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