Member search

Member search 2.1

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Member search v2.1 changes:

Website URLs in results page are now clickable links.
Member search v2.0 changes:

Option page now properly excludes custom user fields which are not supported.
Member search v1.9 changes:

Options for choice fields (Text) now supports HTML.
Member search v1.8 changes:

Fixed issues with custom user field not showing correct search results. Added option to not display Username, Location and Website.
Member search v1.7 changes:

Added "Search by last activity" to options page.
Member search v1.6 changes:

Options page now has an easy way to select any custom user fields. Support for all types of custom user fields. Option to select one additional custom user field to display in results.
Member search v1.5 changes:

Fixed location search issue.
Member search v1.4 changes:

Now has the ability to add unlimited number of custom user fields (single-line text box).
Member search v1.3 changes:

Updated phrase reference.
Member search v1.2 changes:

Fixed incorrect phrase name in template. Added missing phrase.