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Unmaintained Massacre Soldier 1.0

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The theme was developed for our community, and we decided to release it as a resource. You can view the live demo here.
Note: In the live demo the read/unread forum markers have been customized for our forum. Our general M size avatar's are 150x150 and thus the post bit has been edited to suit it, in the download package all of these edits are not included.

The theme is compatible with XenForo 1.1.1, 1.1.2
It should be compatible with earlier XenForo versions as well (not tested)

1. You can use this theme without restriction on any number of sites.
2. You can change/modify/edit the theme as you like for your community.
3. I'd appreciate if you leave the copyright notice 'Theme by Oro Jackson'.

A installation guide has been provided with the download package.

General Tips
1. If you would like to customize EWRPorta's "RecentSlider" and "CountDown" blocks to suit the theme (as done here) you will have to make some css edits to their respective css templates. I can mention the changes if you need to do them.

2. To add your own banner, navigate to /styles/MassacreSoldier/xenforo using a ftp program and replace banner.png with your banner.png

3. To replace the node icons, replace the node-sprite.png in the same folder as mentioned above.

Feel free to report issues with the theme, I'll fix it as soon as possible.
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Very smooth and warm theme. Easy on the eyes. Looks great on orojackson forums.
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