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Unmaintained Make entire nav tab trigger popup (instead of just the down arrow)

This is super helpful, exactly the tab behavior I wanted for my site. I use it on both of my Xenforo installations. It’s a much better user experience to not have to aim your cursor for a little drop down target when you can just hover anywhere on the tab. Thank you Jake for providing this!
Works perfectly! Thank-you!
Great! thank you.
Sweet, that arrow was starting to bug me ^_^
I love this change! I just wonder why it is not like this by default in XenForo?
Works as designed. Thank you! This should be an AdminCP Option.
Simple and it works! (xF version: 2.0b5)
Love it! Makes navigation much smoother.
Thanks a lot!
Should be in XF-core!
Thanks! That was a navigation inconsistency that was bothering me.
Should be default ;), great job!
Works a treat, thanks again Jake :)
Works Well.