[Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete

[Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete 2.0.5 Patch Level 2

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2.0.5 Patch Level 2:
  • Fix: missing line breaks in deletion imminent email phrase
  • Fix: username variable not passed to deletion complete email template
  • Fix: avoid NULL in connected account deletion
  • Fix: skip user profile fields validations
  • Code refactor & cleanup
  • New feature: thread report creation about started deletion process
  • Added username randomization format option
  • Added option to remove avatar & banner on account disable
  • Added option to remove profile info & set closed privacy settings
  • Added option to disable visitor menu item

  • Added deletion logs public page
  • Fix: Trying to access empty Connected Accounts
  • Reduce query amount while getting next remind time
  • Fixed broken immediate account deletion
  • Allow to manually run the account delete job trough "Rebuild caches" tool
Fixed: Error Exception: Template error: [E_WARNING] Attempt to read property "group_id" on null
Removed: Link to self delete on account page for staff.
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Removed: Link to self delete in visitor menu for staff.
Added: Donate link in ACP on the addon list page.
Changed addon title.
Changed download location.
Changed various url's to point to new developer.
Apologies all, in my tiredness last night I mis-assigned the new option to a different add-on. I really should've learned by now not to release updates in the early hours.

The option has been returned to it's rightful home with this version.
  • Added option to control whether to request a reason from users
    • Added option to control whether to require reason from users