[Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete

[Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete 2.0.5 Patch Level 5

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Very useful add-on. I was looking for something likle that last year. After months of use, it saved me tons of time with a zero admin for self delete.
Excellent add-on, should be part of the core. Thank you so much for developing it. Highly recommended!
A good add-on that should be in the core for users to be able to delete their own data. Thanks for great job
This addon does a great job at it's task, and is sorely needed in many forums. Liam is also very responsive to suggestions and bug reports, so I trust anything they publish for XF. Thanks Liam!
Perfect addon. This is something very useful to any community. Lian W give us a lot of options to manage users account self-deletion. Thanks!
brilliant idea, ive had so many PM asking for account deletion , now users can do it on there own :)
Nicely done add on.. thank you for it! The only two things I would recommend are having Delete Account be optionally displayed above "log out" on the membercard drop from the navigation and if it were possible to make it integrate, somehow, with spam cleaner so that when someone deletes their account all their posts are deleted too? Rather than have them orphaned to where we cannot remove them if wanted :(
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