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Good addon for make some threads private without needing subforums, Liam W fix bugs fast. Recomended :D
The perfect HIDE that we need on our site, without too many things that are not needed. We also need a small change with the HIDESHOWTOGROUPS tag, and XenConcept helped us very quickly to solve it.

Thank you very much for having developed this great and useful add-on XenConcept.
Thanks for the review.
A very nice add-on for the Q&A category. It's very easy to use, the developer is listening to suggestions and comments. I recommend the add-on and Liam W ! :D
Simple and perfect, we have same in FX1 and missing in FX2, so now we have the same in XF2 and working fine, thanks for this add-on.
Glad you like it. Thanks for the review.
Lazyload is great in combination with proxy images, even if the posts have a lot of images they load fine. Xon support is top :)
Super addon! Our pages load noticeably faster. Also
your support, if errors occur, and the speed with which an update is ready, is great. Keep it up!
Works fine, without problems :)

Great plugin, great developer and support.

If somebody is searching for good plugins and styles, look up for Stylesfactory!
Thank you for review!
The perfect add-on for showing forum stats in a sleek, clean and organized way without taking significant space in your forums.

The support and communication is outstanding. I had an issue (on my end) with the add-on which got quickly solved by AddonFlare. In-depth explanation of the issue and how they solved it with their solution.

Recommend this add-on and their service.
Glad we were able to help, Jul! We appreciate your review :)
Awesome style, very good support!

I will definitly use this style :)

Keep up the good work on xenforo!
Thank you for great review! Im glad you like my work :D
Absolutely amazing! Thank you for making this resource free and available to everyone :)

I am surprised that not too many people leave a review on such an amazing resource.
Thanks - this is a great little add-on that we are using as a replacement for the XF 1.5 add-on [ Who Has Visited 2.6.0] after upgrading to XF2.1
This add-on is so good that it ought to be core functionality! Using this add-on, I was able to create a "SOLD" prefix, and then when someone sells their item for sale and changes the thread prefix to "SOLD", it automatically closes the thread.

Absolutely brilliant!
Great addon and fantastic service/communication from Liam.

I contacted he for version XF2 of this addon, and he made it on the fly!

He was real quick in developing at a reasonable price. After-sales support from Liam was also great. I buy one year license because it's a beta but will go to lifetime after beta.

This resource it's a must have at any community if you need to permit some level of privacy by your members. Simply add user groups based on custom fields, promotions, reactions score or whatever you want and create the permission string.

Highly Recommended! Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
Xon does it again! Creating an addon that should be core in XF. And it's free! Support Xon's efforts by using this and writing a review!
Top notch add-on, updates and support from Ivan! Migrated from Pember and highly recommend! They've been extremely responsive to any feedback and have made updates quick!!
Thank you for your review, Ken, it was great working with you! Glad we could help keep your PemBer subscriptions on XF2 :)
Thank you, what can I do to auto-open confidential content without refreshing the page after replying?
Addon works great to allow Custom Field filtering, sorting, and search in Showcase on my site. AddonsLab worked well with me to fix bugs that I've found... I would use them again for custom development.
Thank you for the feedback!
Thanks a lot! I'm using this to check in class for my students. I created a link in thread_list to bump from there :D
A simple, but effective add-on that is especially useful when needing to monitor who's online for debugging or when watching for malicious visitors.
Have been using this for awhile now and users love it! It definitely has a very modern-sleek look, making each group attractive to their own.

The developer is also attentive in sorting issues and accomplishing useful suggested things. Would definitely recommend this!