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Nice work ! This addon is very easy to use, i have install your addon on my forum and it work perfectly ! Five star !
Great support, addon does exactly what its supposed to do.
I had some issues at first, so I had to contact Tactics about it.
Polite and very helpful guy, even when the issues was my own fault!
Excellent; Writing a plugin for your XenForo is a huge win for XenForo. I use all of the plug-ins and translation packages with great pleasure. Thank you.
Great addon for anyone running a website with staff that you need to mention in important threads. It took me a little bit to figure out that I needed to click on "is mentionable" in the usergroup - but that was about all the difficulties I had setting it up.
Brilliant and easy to follow tutorial which helped my forum get the exact look I wanted for the front/home page - thanks a lot for this!
Fantastic addon, very useful for featuring threads of your choosing, something that I've seen a lot of people asking for. Also good for all kinds of "top 10" lists or whatever floats your boat. Thank you to Ovunc (and eTiket) for being kind enough to share it with the community. Oh, and don't forget to look under Style Properties for some options there to change the look to match your styles.
This is a FANTASTIC add-on - one I have been looking for since starting out with XF1. Very easy to install and customize, not to mention VERSATILE. I love it. Thanks for all your hard work in coding this add-on and keeping it up to date!
Amazing... (Y)
Support funny and style so beautiful.
I like it.
Vote 5 star for themehouse, i hope you will update style when xenforo update...
Thank you so much trangchongcheng for the kind review! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying UI.X 2! Please let us know if you have any questions or experience any issues at all! :)
Amazing addon and amazing support from the developer. Takes feedback and suggestions very well and provide solutions. This addon has great scope.
This is a VERY cool way to make it obvious what to do next. Just grabs the eye and pulls your attention!
Brilliantly useful addon. Really happy with the way the author goes about updating the plugin. Helps promote traffic to your site.
Being a fan of this kind of style, I can only recommend it!
Very simple customization with quick options.
Very good job!
Thank you for your review and we hope you enjoy using it :)
works good, makes clean looking newsletters .. If you send newsletters sendy is the product for you especially if you already have your bounce system in XF setup for a while. AWS will smack you down if you use a list with alot of hard bounces so make sure your system is clean my personal advise is to send to the users who have visited in the last 6 months AWS is cheap I send out about a 5k newsletter and my bill is around a dollar.
This is the one I've been waiting for... Just need to provide the ability to see a list of all featured threads of all time. With that, I'll be keeping this add-on.
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Thanks for this great sharing. Beta version created by eTikeT was good. By adding new features, you make it better and I am sure with new upgrades, it will be much more great.
Ovunc Dinc
Ovunc Dinc
Thanks @mkucuksari, I just only developed. As you know, oscar goes to eTikeT :)
I think the style is really good, it runs flawlessly and bugs are also quickly fixed, big praise to the team.
The only thing that really worries me is that fonts are loaded from outside, if you hadn't used these "Material Design Icons" but would have stayed with "Font Awesome" you would have been less annoyed/problems as an administrator.
Also from a security point of view it is always stupid if something is reloaded from outside.
Thank you for the kinda review Tealk! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the theme and very thankful for your support! Let us know if you every have any questions or issues as we'd be glad to help! Enjoy! :)
Amazing tool to fight spam without even using google recaptcha, unbeatable price, and super easy installation. Recommended 100%
Had been waiting for the XF2 version ever since I updated from XF1. Works fine. Lots of thanks to the developer!
Without this cant even think Forum can make marvels.
This addon helped me a lot to boost my global rank by 200,000+ number in less than a month time - I am not joking, you can check my site status at alexa rank checker.

xF2 is a god of Forum and this addon is Most powerful killer weapon which helps to compete in Today's Competition with less efforts.

My mentality always screws Dev after i do purchase addon from them, but this dev gone forward and helped me to solve all issues which i had with addon and cleared my concepts on each thing.

I was scared with my SEO, but now i am happy.

I would suggest everyone to use this addon.

If you are on xf2 and not using this powerful weapon, the chances of survival in Todays market are less.

Apart from this power-pack addon, Your forum should also have good content on it (the content is like a bullet which you put into powerful weapon of this addon).

Thanks a Lot @au lait