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Latest reviews

I bought this addon. Unfortunately, the guests do not see the ratings so therefore also Google do not see this.
So it's not work properly with Xenforo 1.5.15a :(
This is the best chat add-on that I've tried on any platform. My forum ran for almost 7 years on vBulletin 4 before converting to XenForo, and during that time we tried nearly a half dozen chat solutions. Some were passable, others were very buggy. A few were very unpopular with our members. But Siropu's chat is a massive hit. Our members absolutely love it. This is the best of the best.
Very neat addon that offers 2 useful features in one package. A create thread button on the homepage (at long last) as well as a quick thread feature. Author is super responsive so far so all is good.
Thank you for the feedback!
Since 1.5.5, we finally started using it. Very nice and Absolutely Essential add-on, lots of features, fast support, and reasonable price.

Almost everything to fit your needs from a support system is included and for a couple of remaining features (such as KB) the developer is always ready for suggestions and implementing new features.
Amazingly quick support and a very honest author. Would definitely buy from again. This is a great addon now that we have email verification.
Thank you for the feedback!
This is a very valuable addon that I recommend using. It catches a lot of duplicate accounts.

However, after it catches possible duplicates, you need to take a lot of time to compare accounts to see if it really concerns a the same person. This addon does not report on important match factors which ties accounts together. Every day of the year I have to spend a LOT of time on this while 90% can just be automated.

The last update was January 2016. I had expected a yearly feature release for an addon which costs 48 + BFO.
Meanwhile browsers have implemented many privacy features which reduces the effectiveness of this addon.

This would have been a 5 star review if the above was addressed.
Thank you for your review. If you have suggestions how the "missing 90% automated actions" can be achieved, please leave a note at the support forum for this add-on at our web site. This add-on already makes it possible to whitelist accounts to not match with certain other accounts. We unfortunately cannot match "persons" but only "computers". If the same hardware is used by 2 persons, it will be detected as multiple and would have to be manually whitelisted by a mod or admin. There will be at least 1 more update for the XF 1.x branch removing the Flash detection method (which unfortunately will also remove cross browser detection). We know that many privacy features of browsers are in fact a problem when detecting multiple accounts. We will try to find new detection methods for the XF 2.x branch of this add-on and are open for suggestions.
This addon works great. Simply define the time span and usergroups and then any back to back posting by the same member is merged.
Highly recommended!
Thank you for your kind review.
This addon saves us a ton of work. Especially in combination with report improvements. Warn a member with a few clicks. For the majority of our warnings there is no need to write or define anything.

I would not run a forum without it.
If you want to give/sell name changes or use the sin-bin approach then this addon will give you the functions to do that. And much more. This addon has a ton of features.
I knew this addon was going to be handy when I installed it, but I could never have anticipated how much work this addon really saves my staff. its a real life saver. There are so many tedious functions which now happen automatically. I am able to run my big board with less staff because of this.

Quality all-round! Thanks Xon!
100% essential for my sites. This addon saves us a ton of work. Especially on my big board. Great addon and fully supported by Xon.
This addon prevents dead image links and leeching off other sites. It works great on my big board.

Thanks so much Mick!
This is an amazing search addon that will offer a serious upgrade to your site. It adds predictive search with live preview, similar threads will avoid duplicate threads, 'did you mean'. This is all really useful and will greatly enhance search.

This high quality code runs smooth on my big board. Xon is really fast with updates and bug fixes. Solid addon!
I would not run a forum without it. It adds essential functionality like conversation search and the ever useful conversation like. Highly recommended! Do combine it with Xon's Elastic Search Essentials.

Like all Xon's addons this is high quality code that will run smooth on any board. No matter the size.
Siropu Chat is really full featured. There is no competition. The chat runs smooth on my big board and my members like it a lot.
All of Xon's addons are of supreme Quality. I believe various functions in this addon should be core. Thanks for making this available!
This is a really nice function that makes sure your members all have a location filled in. It would be nice if it would also autofill time zone.
With this addon you can force your members to post as you desire. For example use line breaks, no short posts, block links to specific sites, block specific terms, etc. The possibilities are endless. An error message will inform your members exactly what they need to do. It greatly improves post quality. I use this in combination with Post Friction on my big board.

Highly Recommended!
This addon works great agains spammer, in creating new post / even editing existing post. You just need to know the correct regex. Life safer for every admin.
Thanks this now allows me to customize my banners to my user group colors. This also works on xenforo 2.0 :D