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I love love love this theme, its beautiful, highly customizable, and high performance. Funny enough it also fit the name of my forum (which has Nexus in the name) so I've been able to keep the default logo for a bit while I take more time to create a custom one.

With that said, is there any easy method to implement a dark theme here? I understand you charge for customization services, which isn't what I'm trying to ask for—I just have a lot of members complain about how white the theme is and I'm trying to find an alternate dark theme without buying/implementing a different theme than Nexus.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer :)
thank you for review and I'm happy that you loved the theme.. for the dark theme you can ask for our customization service or you can create a child theme and play with color palette.
Perfect! Works like a charm and had no issues following the simple instructions! Thanks a lot MrGibbs!
Thanks @Dan619
I find this much less obtrusive than the standard cookie notice. Nicely done, thank you for sharing this without charge.
Thank you for your review.
I'm all about little tweaks here and there to improve things aesthetically. This is a really nice edit.
This add-on does exactly what it says it will do. If you run it 'out of the box' you will not have any problems, and if you want it to do other fancy stuff then don't expect the developer to custom write your CSS / templates for you. THANK YOU JAXEL for releasing these add-ons!
Very useful and reasonable priced add-on. Has all the functionalities you need in forms.
Fast responses from the creator.
Such a nice QoL addon that really should have been included in the default core of xenforo. Thank's a bunch for making this nice addon @JoshyPHP
Very well designed themes with lots of customizations capabilities.

So far the support from @MattiGB has been outstanding. Instant responses and quality solutions.

MattiGB does custom changes to the theme (paid).
He knows how to solve any issue and is capable to edit everything to your own liking. Reasonable priced and everything is done almost instantly.

Definitely recommend the theme and custom works from MattiGB!
Thank you for this review :) Working with you is a pleasure.
I am glad I bought add-on from addonsLab. These guys are very professional and listen to their customers suggestions. If you are looking to buy addon from AddonsLab then think no further. Buy and enjoy the best customer service.
Thank you for the feedback!
Awesome add one, easy install and works perfect! Great to get more engagement from your'e community.
Excellent, free addon and much better then my old paid one. This function is easy to use and the best one to check user permissions.
The ability to extend a subscription without waiting for it to expire is priceless for us.
Developer is also very helpful and fixes any bugs found really fast.
Thanks for this free addon and make it possible to use at XF-2. Simple but very effective addon. Works as it should be.
Awesome easy to setup and works good as far as I can tell. I had some trouble at first but the creator helped. You should however put in the requirements that it requires mcrypt php package/module
dead simple to use and does exactly what it says. great addition to any forum, you should definitely use this!
Thank you for the optimal rating and for suggesting this resource to other administrators! I'm very happy your experience has been straightforward using it!
Small but very usefull addon.
Was not working correctly on node-level with XF 2.0.10 and Snog released a fix 20 min. after I reported the issue. Simply outstanding service for a free addon.
What a great add-on! With the recent update to show username CSS, it looks even better! Great work AnzahTools!
Give us the option to actually auto-promote what we want and leave us worry about the server's stretching. I have a dedicated server and I don't want to promote the articles manually. Thank you.
The best Xenforo style on the market. Great support and very professional work done. Flexible style, with the best add-ons to make it a very unique and luxurious theme! Pricing is a little high but it's decent for what you are getting. Well worth it. Great job guys!
So glad to hear that you are enjoying UI.X Pro, JoyFreak as we made it with flexible customization in mind. Thanks so much for the kind review and support for our newest product, UI.X Pro! :)
First user of this resource. Works perfectly, i really recommend to anyone who is looking to modify the behavior of the scroll down button because of a big footer.