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I am very happy that someone finally fills this gap with an addon. Everyone who works with GoogleAds knows how much they slow down the MobileStyle of XF. However, since the speed of the mobile pages plays an important role in Google ranking, this addon fills an important gap that enables users with slow internet connections to quickly get mobile websites with advertising presented. This is of course also in Google's sense what Google honors accordingly.

The included bot that finds and displays broken links in websites is indispensable for those who have migrated from ~ vBulletin to XF. We were able to fix hundreds of things like "http: // javascript ..." and similar broken links. In addition, there is good support from the author. Keep it up.
Thank you for this great little add-on! It works great and I really appreciate you providing it to the XenForo community!
As an early beta tester, I've seen great results. 20% rise in both traffic and revenue. Faster pages all ranking good in Google tools. High mobile scores. Picking up and ranking for keywords I had been in page 5 for a long time.
Great addon, great support and just 1 day after installing I can alread see traffic from Google. Easy advertising management too. Quality worth the price.
A must addon for XF 2.x Forums, if you care about Google, SEO and site speed for mobile visitors specially guest / first time visitors. Solid addon, solid developer.
Agreeing with @Amin Sabet, these are the best spent 35 bucks ever. Not only because there is a terrific add-ons collection, but also because Andy is always there to lend a hand even if issue doesn't have to do with his works
This is fantastic, I have been wanting to remove this since 1.5. Thank you very much for taking the time for the guide!
Thank you for the review! Have a great day :)
Useless when having a very large number of attachments and using Cloudflare. The query takes so long Cloudflare breaks it off.
The only option is to disable Cloudflare but I do not want to do that.
It just works. It is extremely helpful when one board has many moderators and this helps my admins to stay hidden the way we want it.
This is a must have add-on for every XenForo forum owner! The user experience is top notch and of course, speed is unmatched. I used SEO2 before and I can confidently say that this is a whole new experience. And taking part in early testing, I can assure you that it's ready for prime time!
Bought it today and it works just as it describe.

Reliable and very well coded.I cannot hope for more.
I run a considerably successful community and I credit part of it to this addon. It bonds people up and they in turn liven up the community.

At this current price its a steal.

Would be fantastic though if the template and css can be refine to be more mobile friendly.
Fantastic add-on. Been waiting for it since 1.5 and it will greatly help thread owners to moderate their threads. This will reduce our work .
Good plugin, but the fact that you cannot redownload or even change the domain after the license has expired makes it completely not worth the price. You're essentially forced to rebuy something you've already paid for just to download it again (Previous versions that you've actually paid for!). A very greedy, and shady way to do business in my opinion.
Not sure where this is coming from... We're more than happy to switch your domain even with an expired license. We helped you with this on 8/11/2020 and your last post in that support ticket is "Awesome, sorry for jumping to conclusions. I've had bad experiences with stuff like this so I jump the gun.". If you wanted to switch to a different domain, opening a new support ticket was just a few clicks away.
Great addon! Had an issue that I couldn't figure out, contact support and NixFifty was there every step of the way. I highly recommend this add-on.
Works really well. Once you install it, that is :) The addon is perfect, I just wish there was an installation manual for the less privileged, like myself ;)
Many thanks for this add-on, it saves me a lot of time with automated creations of backups and now I can be calmer.
Great help! One minute after installing this addon, I find the addon responsible for the slowdown that we have for some time in our community. Many thanks!
Much like all of Xon's addons, it works just like it says in the description. Very convenient for making the same forum section appear in more than one place so users won't miss it!
This is really useful. Back when we are using vbulletin, we used as the built in image upload is so clunky. We were able to migrate all those third party images to our new xenforo website. Also did the same for imgur and photobucket.