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I'm not sure what's going on, but I paid $10 for extended support of this add-on awhile ago, and as of yet, I've received no reply to any of my support requests. The plugin itself is excellent, but I'm quite disappointed by this recent lack of support. :(
Helpful little addon. Rather than limit a few individuals who sometimes post so much that they quickly bury the threads of others, I let the latter group bump x-many threads of theirs per day to give their threads a little more exposure.
Amazing plugin, There is another plugin that is similar and its paid but even its abandoned, I feel I might have to abandon it as it keeps breaking. You have created an alternative something that is absolutely important on my forums!
Amazing plugin! Great job. And thank you for making it free as well :). You did a fantastic job on creating something everyone has wanted regardless if they say it or not.
.thank you very much)
Works perfectly fine. Developer gives fast and good support. I'd rate 6 out of 5 stars if I could...
Thank you fortaking the time to review this add-on, much appreciated.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

This should honestly be in base Xen permissions.
This is an excellent addon and great value for what it does. One of my forums has a lot of people who need to see some posts, but don't quite get the concept of having to go to the forum after getting the email notification in order to continue being notified. This works a treat...thanks xon. And thanks for updating to include watched forums it's a real boon.
Scheduled time interface is convenient and easy to use, very useful for NDA news releases, and it's free.
Finally a review. I really thought that everyone does not care about my add-ons. This is strange because I tried to implement the most requested add-ons from here:
Thanks for the feedback!
Beautiful thank you so much, i have vertiforo skin and it looks great i was thinking the original staff sign needed an upgrade :)
this looks awesome and is easy to install. thank you.
i have vertiforo skin and it matches the whole site. i recommend
Approached Themehouse almost a year ago wanting to create a CMS for our “how to” articles and have the same theme that matched our forums. Planned on spending several grand to achieve this look. Instead he suggested this mod and saved us a fair amount of cash. A year later I’ve had great success with few problems running this. It’s likely the sites favorite add-on that most don’t even know is there.
Our team is so happy to have helped you and your community out with creating this amazing add-on. Along with assisting you to resolve the few issues you have experienced. Please do let us know if we might be able to assist you with anything else! Thanks so much for your kind review and support.
Thanks for the translation, the installation went well. Not enough distance to see if there are any bugs but I'll fix them myself.
This add-on has it all, especially now that I can see my forum as my users see it because the Staff menu has been moved to the login pull-down menu. A dream come true for me. For those of you who may have used InvisionPower board, you may know what I am talking about. Thanks for a great add-on.
Thank you for your review and I'm glad you like it so much.
Very useful and working great. Nothing special to say - I just need to change author/date for some forum data now and then.
This is perfect! It not only backs up my entire SQL database but also my entire installation and structure. This is a must have for any community that needs to have a safe backup away from your server. I highly recommend it to everyone. A++