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Really good style, one of my favs. Also I had a problem related with the nodes of the style and they helped me to resolve it really fast and without any problem.
5 Stars for code quality - 1 Star for Communication with coder at all.

If I remember well, you've 10, really good in quality modules. But here stop the positive things and start the negative points:

1.- You've a website which actually is a games community. Nothing for your clients. Not even a simple forum.

2- You said somewhere in your posts here "I don't reply to questions, that I've replied a dozen of times before". Wrong, sorry. Not a dozen, but a thousand of times you must reply to the same question (unless if this question is on the FAQ section), if it comes from different client. What do you expect? eg If I've a question for this module, to read 80 pages of posts to see if my question has been replied before?

3- You use a strange way for downloading updates. Emailing is not like 20 years ago when all emails delivered even if it was spam. Now almost 90% of the incoming emails are blocking from mail servers especially the big ones like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. As an example the emailing for this update. Already 3 clients (plus me) wrote that they didn't got the email.

Business in not just collecting money. Business is not games like your community.

With the best regards for your work but not for your support.
A great addon from top developer Bassman. I wish I'd found this earlier, it's very convenient to add links to the top - no problems at all.
Thank you for your review. I'm glad it works out for you nicely.
Amazing ! works well and it's very useful with the logo in navbar too. it should be implemented in XF 2.2.1 !
Great Developer, Great Addon, I've used it for years now. Great support as well, very active. Thank you!
Thank you for the kind words and for the review.
Works on all media screens as stated by Ozzy, thank you for this addon. this is a must have functionality in order to make user understand that, they can edit their posts.
Glad you like the addon and find it useful. Thanks for leaving a review.
Perfect ! render is just very cool, i wanted minimalist forum it's very useful in my case. Thanks for sharing.
Very good translation, the same for Spanish from America as for Spanish from Spain, and for a small donation of $ 5 that does not pay for all the working hours employed.
purchased yesterday and a rune that I highly recommend Fully automated advertising system with many detailing systems
Works well and I havent notice any major extra overheads on my server. Happy and thanks for releasing it for free!
PERFECT addon for my forum. I was looking for this for so long time. Thank you so much! Fast support!
Very helpful add-on that helps members view the time a private message was read, therefore knowing if the other member(s) have read it or not. Thank you for providing this to the community!
Excellent and very customizable product. Great customer support as well. Quick response to some issues I was having post update and helped very much.
Thank you so much for your kind review, Jack! Our team is always available to help assist with questions or issues you may experience while using our products.
Thanks again for your work I'm very happy with this translation! Looking forward for the complete translations of the Resources add-on too! ;-)
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Nice to hear, thanks! XFRM is almost completed.
Does the minimum of what you'd expect a tournament addon to do.
However the addon creator doesn't take suggestions or cares to improve the addon over what it was when it launched many years ago.
You have excellent suggestions that are 4 years old, in his development forum gathering dust.
This add-on works exactly as described to display alert and message counts. Thank you for providing this to the community!
This is an invaluable tool for anyone who works with development environments. Makes generation of fake date extremely simple!
Glad you liked it :D
Great and useful add on for our board. It will prevent spammy post which only consists of few words such as "thanks".
Strong features out of the box and if you need a feature added the developer is very responsive and flexible when listing to requests.
The Style is gorgeous! It works out of the ox without any Problems and If you need Support they reply very fast. All in all a great Theme!
Thank you for your attention. We are working to do better.