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A must have add-on for non-English forum. Highly customizable. Excellent work and support from Xon, as always. Many thanks!
This add-on is a must! It saves a lot of time as an administrator instead of hunting for new add-on updates every time. It works seamlessly and the support is fantastic. Great add-on by a great developer. Don't miss out! I opted for the higher API key because I own a few add-ons, totally worth it.
Works well and it's being improved to be completely seamless. A must have if you have a lot of add-ons installed. Just makes life easy!
I was able to improve my "What's new" tab and I am very grateful to you, everything is much clearer now. Thank you very much, great must-have add-on of course !!! 20/20 !!!!
Probably one of the most useful addons I have downloaded to date. I cannot stress the importance of keeping addons up to date, especially if you are using Xenforo cloud with automatic updates. Having the latest versions of addons makes the automatic upgrades go super smooth.
Works great even for an amateur and beginner with XF

Fungerer utmerket, selv for den som er nybegynner med XF
As some others have said, feel this should be in the core of XF. A great add-on that allows us to make sure our add-ons are always up-to-date and a big plus providing a free tier.
An excellent add-on which saves a lot of work maintaining installed add-ons. Great support provided.
Pretty easy addon that is easy to setup and hugely beneficial to any XF site. I found out nearly all of my addons were out of date and was able to update them pretty mindlessly. Nice work!
When the product works, it works well. When it doesn't, their site is crashed. And when the site does finally work, it crashes after attempting to submit a support request. Hard to provide a positive review when support is non-existent.
Useful to get a quick overview of your add-ons and versions which you probably have purchased from a plethora of different sources.
An excellent replacement for the former and now unmaintained Add-on Check Tables. Its easy to use and safe when you know what you do and make a backup bevore you put your hands at your DB. Thanks for sharing! :-)
Just downloaded this add-on without much expectation of how well it would work and IMMEDIATELY it called out four add-ons I had that were not updated and with one button downloaded the updates for me. This is an AMAZING add-on and I cannot believe it's free... this one we all should be donating to. I really appreciate this, it's a time saver and very well done!! Thank you Mazzly!
This style reminds me of series 1 of xenforo, which on a personal level and from an aesthetic point of view, I like more than series 2. You have to innovate and keep up with fashions but above all with security measures: xenforo 2 is better in this regard.
looks great and works as expected!
This should be core functionality if you ask me. The addon is very solid and keeps track of outdated addons. Thank you for providing this for free to us.
Perfect addon, after trying it, it is really helpful and work great as needed
keep on good work
thank you very much
Works as expected, love how this looks! Had to adjust the position a bit to fit my theme better but overall love this and it gets rid of that annoying bar on my page lol
I'm glad this little mod can be of assistance. :) I agree, it is a much cleaner without the default staff bar.
It's amazing! The perfect panel for your forums. Huge functionality for managing the forum and users.
I didn't think I was using so many outdated (20/95) add-ons. Thanks to this add-on everything is back in order.
After AMP for XF, another must have from MaZ.
Thanks for that!
Great translation, works well. And fast delivery, got it in minutes in the late evening. Thanks a lot for the work!