[JoyFreak] Nodes Extended (Modern Forums)

[JoyFreak] Nodes Extended (Modern Forums) 1.3.1

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  • Ignored add-ons compatibility
  • Two style property options added:
    • Post message line (The number of lines of text you want displayed for the article content)
    • Post reply line (The number of lines of text you want displayed for the article reply content)
  • Attachments have been resized to reflect the default lines
  • Changed the way the thumbnails of attachments are shown to make it more efficient.
  • Fixed a styling issue where the card's content would exceed it's width on mobile.
  • Removed extra white space from the cards to condense the content and look more slick.
  • Fixed issue with prefix font size being larger than normal.
  • Some other miscellaneous styling adjustments and fixes
Fixed an issue with attachments when a guest tries to view.
Fixed an issue with the lightbox showing an invisible image.
  • Toggle between card view and list view working seamlessly, thanks to @mazzly for the support. This resulted in a rework of the code which worked out a lot better.
  • Card view and list view FA icons added with their tooltips.
  • Moderated threads in card view are now highlighted for better visibility.
  • Thread's first attached image thumbnail now displays in card view with option to enable or disable via style properties.
  • And some other miscellaneous stuff.

Thread's first attached image thumbnail:
Fixed styling not applying when forums default page is set to "New posts".
Fixed other miscellaneous styling issues.
  • Added option to disable and enable the add-on for "New posts" page.
  • Now shows the reaction summary on the list when the "Show reaction summary on lists" option is enabled.
  • Toggle added when enabled to switch between "thread list view" and "card view".
  • Added some more customisable style properties.
  • Style rework to look more slick.
Updated screenshots of add-on.
This update extends the add-on to "New posts" page as well.
Fixed some issues with breaking other forum types.
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