Joy 1.9

No permission to buy ($30.00)
  • Upgraded to xenForo 1.5.20
  • Upgraded to xenForo 1.5.18
  • Updated to xenForo 1.5.16a
  • Avatar Shape Bugs Fixed
• Updated to xenForo 1.5.15a
• Minor Layout Enhancements
  • Pagination Bug Fixed
  • Option to set another message to Logged in users
  • Updated to xenForo 1.5.14
  • Sticky Sidebar bug fixed
  • Enable/Disable Featured post if you want to show more latest posts only
  • Node Background Extended to 100
  • Avatar in thread bug in small screens fixed
  • Layout enhancements in Big and Small screens
  • Forumhome doesn't appear in Safari bug fix
  • Node Background bug fixed
  • Minor CSS bug fixed
  • Major Bugs Fixed