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I don't care about cookies

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Wasn't sure about this initially, infact I first assumed it may have actually been a shameless rant about how flippin' annoying those lame cookies notices really are, possibly only slightly worse than the god awful push notifications.

And so I thought to myself, helaas pindakaas.

That was a couple of days ago.

However after stumbling upon this thread again and taking a moment to read it, lol, I realized I had been mistaken.

Turns out this is a surprisingly useful & simple template edits-(and possibly one of the most optionally hilarious ones)-I've seen so far.

Works perfectly too.

As much as I would love the opportunity to impress my astonishingly hostile Dutch frienemy by demonstrating my take on Dutch bespreekbaarheid, directly sharing here what I have replaced the original "I don't care about cookies" statement with, except if I did that.... there's roughly around a 100% likelihood it'll upset some whiney thin skinned peeps.

Tbh that would be quite funny–however I prefer not being banned for a cheap laugh.

Point is: cookie notices do suck, I definitely don't care about them.

Hopefully we can also add a similar template edit to the obnoxious push notifications too.

Anyways, in conclusion: whoever contributed this resource is an absolute champion! Much appreciated!
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