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Unmaintained Hot Gossip 1.01

No permission to download
Hot Pink, Pink and Black - Get it while its HOT!



Hot Gossip was the first theme designed and released by Monkey Productions. It was aimed towards Gossip websites, or female based websites.

However with xF 1.2 about to be released shortly (fingers crossed) we have opted to cease further developments of this theme on a commercial basis. Instead we are focusing on our other themes, and a number of new ones all up to 1.2 standards.

While we will updated Hot Gossip to 1.2 once it is released and our other themes have been released we have opted not to proceed with this on a commercial basis.

Therefore anyone who has purchased this theme has received a refund and we are now releasing this FREE to the xenForo community.

We hope that people out there can find some use to this - we will continue to provide theme support, and updates (as previously mentioned into the 1.2 era) however reserve the right to stop any and all future developments on this theme once 1.2 has been released as stable/final and the theme has been updated.
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Excellent style. Nice job. Great work with colors. :)
Thank you we attempted to do something different.